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Top Quality Initial DEX Offering Services

Utilize our cutting-edge STO development services to tokenize your real assets and place your organization as a global market expert in raising funds and drawing in investors. By providing STO services, our team at founding blockchain is ready to help your company soar.

What Is IDO?

Initial dex offers, or IDOs, are when a project releases a token through a decentralized liquidity exchange. IDOs are tokens that signify any sort of asset housed on a decentralized exchange (DEX). IDO provides the most straightforward option because fundraising is the only essential activity during the first stage of growth. The advancement of blockchain technology and the adoption of cryptocurrencies provide several chances for corporate expansion. Blockchain was widely utilized by businesses to raise money through token sales. Through IDO, a corporation will permit the construction of crypto-tokens and release them to the broader public in exchange for other tokens, significant cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies.

Founding Blockchain provides complete IDO creation services to assist new enterprises, individuals, and organizations in launching their tokens. To help you through your IDO development path, which includes ideation and conceptualization, white paper preparation, and token development, our blockchain engineers and subject matter experts collaborate to design a cogent roadmap.

Add Benefits Of IDO


In the crypto market, a token's liquidity is its primary determining factor. A token's market value will plunge if it does not have access to liquidity straight away, thus making liquidity key.



Traders begin using the token as soon as the project is released. During the IDO process, early token purchasers will be able to sell their tokens for a premium price.

Lower cost

Lower cost

It only costs a few bucks in gas fees to introduce a new smart contract if a liquidity swap is utilised on the project's token. The token is controlled by this smart contract.

Fundraising methodology

Fundraising methodology

With our initial decentralized exchange providing platform, the fundraising process becomes simpler and easier as the platform's user base grows (IDO).

Our Services To Launching Your IDO Development Platform

Whitepaper Drafting

Whitepaper Drafting

Whitepaper services that are informative and in-depth can help you launch a new cryptocurrency enterprise.

Coin Development

Coin Development

Robust, trustworthy, and tested one-stop services for safe, customized token creation as per your business requirements.

Roadmap & Strategy

Roadmap & Strategy

Strategic time-based roadmaps to show the product's development and support stakeholders.



With customized Blockchain integration, systems from different sectors may be made more uniform, automated, and safe.



Marketing strategies that have been well researched out and developed to increase market presence.



To guarantee a successful product launch, we offer committed assistance from our skilled experts.

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How To Launch Your Own IDO?​​


Improve your Decentralized Trade Network and innovate your product with a smart consumer approach.


Tell potential investors how you intend to finance your company.

IDO Token launch

Start your IDO token now for a chance to raise money.

Utility services

By offering utilities to utilize your token on the market, you may increase the value of your token.

Governance tokens

Determine management tokens to assist users in developing and interacting with the platform


Start utilizing the soon-to-be available blockchain technology capabilities to provide your services and raise the value of your tokens.

The State-Of-Art Tech Stack We Inject In Our IDO Solutions​



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Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Dex offering(IDO) is a fundraising model that offers the fundraising opportunity for decentralized exchange platform development

This IDO funding mechanism encourages the growth of DeFi and makes it easier for developers of decentralized exchange platforms to raise money right now.

IDO provides an immediate blockchain fundraising option for the growth of the blockchain community and its business development in order to help startups and raising companies that work to develop their businesses using blockchain technology.