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Blockchain In Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management system built on blockchain technology enables precise record-keeping and provenance teaching. Blockchain can be the perfect answer for firms to employ in developing a customer-focused business strategy and safeguarding their brands against imitation goods.

Supply Chain Blockchain

A service or product is moved via the supply chain from the provider to the buyer. Even though this is a straightforward explanation, the supply chain process is actually a very complicated system that incorporates a variety of businesses, individuals, activities, and information exchange. is another process that has battled with issues like transparency and traceability for years. But those times are over thanks to blockchain, a tamper-proof technology that can solve issues in the supply chain network and improve the process’ security and clarity for both suppliers and customers.

In order to assist your organization cut expenses, speed up processes, and improve customer satisfaction, Founding Blockchain was founded.

Blockchain Solution For Supply Chain

Blockchain technology offers a more secure method to formally register things, commodities, and information on a digital shared ledger, eliminating friction and resolving all the difficulties described.

Data becomes immutable and impossible to fabricate once it is stored on the blockchain network. Additionally, everyone may check out the material. All of these things ensure that the product doesn’t get lost in the process and address inventory problems while increasing supply chain transparency. The potential of legitimate items is another benefit of the digital shared ledger. As a result, it is feasible to assign a special number or code to a product once it is in the development stage to prevent forgery.

Benefits Of Blockchain In Supply Chain Management

Origin Tracking

Origin Tracking

Blockchain enables provenance tracking, allowing users to follow a product from its place of origin to its current state at any given time.

Instant Transaction

Instant Transaction

With no dollar thresholds, blockchain enables immediate payments between suppliers and customers anywhere.


Blockchain enables businesses to better understand their supply chain operations and disseminates data to all network members. thereby minimizing disputes and delays.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

The extra cost for preserving the security of the transaction is decreased since middlemen and intermediates are eliminated by blockchain.

Building Trust

Blockchain technology is characterized as an unchangeable ledger system that forbids data manipulation on all fronts.

Our Development Roadmap

Requirements Gathering

Our blockchain experts gather your needs and examine them to identify the best options. A product feasibility study will then be conducted by both teams.

Research & Planning

The hazards related to the project are then thoroughly investigated by our specialists. The needs and plans are then distinctly defined and documented by our team for your approval.

Development Stage

The real work has just started. Our blockchain developers carry out all tasks in a systematic way and ensure that the product is produced with cutting-edge features.

Testing Phase

To make sure there are no faults or mistakes, we test the product in a variety of settings. We assist you in releasing the product for user acceptance testing following a demonstration.

Launch & Maintenance

We review the suggestions, and if you agree, our staff implements them and helps you with the launch. We also provide after-release maintenance services.

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